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Firecrest Farms

Plumeria, Dragon Fruit, Mimosa pudica & albizia, Moringa, Dancing plants, Ginger and more.


About Firecrest Farms

Firecrest Farms greenhouse doubles as a natural heater and shelter from Pacifica’s brutal wind.  It stays approximately 85 everyday!

Plumeria, Frangipani        20+ cultivators (varieties)

Dragon Fruit, Pitaya         20+ varieties

Sensitive Plant, Mimosa pudica, Bashful plant

Persian Silk Tree, Mimosa albizzia

Dancing Plant, Codariocalyx motorius

Telegraph plant, Semaphore plant

Moringa tree’s and seeds from West Java

Hawaiian White ginger 

Hawaiian Green Spider


Ti Plants and other hard to find amazing plants.

We love Plants that move, respond and dance! We have Codariocalyx motorius and Mimosa pudica plants available now.

Royal King Empress, Magnolia, Jane Magnolia, Redwoods, Local Oaks and more.

Apples, Lemon, Limes

School Projects, Craftsman Greenhouses and more. 

Everyone needs to plants trees!


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Pacifica CA United States 94044

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